Rufus Dayglo is the pencil botherer of this unpleasant creative pairing behind SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK. Famed for spilling luke warm coffee on himself, and leaving a trail of kit kat crumbs around his studio... Rufus has drawn comics for 2000ad, IDW Comics, Image Comics, DC Vertigo, Titan Books, Ankama editions, and a bunch of other peoples.

He relaunched TANK GIRL with writer Alan Martin., and they did 6 series together. They won no awards, and fell out after a stalemated game of Twister. After their divorce, Rufus took the alimony settlement and foolishly invested in whale farming in the Falkland Islands. To recover from this financial faux pas, Rufus joined forces with Sofie and after many awkward silences, rumbling stomachs, and sideways glances, they fumbled together SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK- their unholy contribution to the medium of comics.

Rufus collects toy robots, cheap wine, and even cheaper women. He has a motorcycle which is gathering dust. His cat Ripley can usually be found in his lap, or destroying another treasured possession...

Sofie Dodgson would like to point out that she is not one of Rufus's cheap women. She is indeed cheap but prefers beer to wine. Sofie worked on video games and stole stationery at Square Enix, and now she makes costumes for Die Mortal and writes plays for Tax Deductible. She met Rufus in a peanut factory on a fish island and was seduced by Curly Wurlies into colouring a Tank Girl series. Enough time elapsed and enough brain damage occurred that she agreed to write SOLID GOLD DEATH MASK.

Sofie doesn't like the sound of other people breathing, cars, coffee, dark chocolate or team sports.